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Dr Okoye is an experienced professional with a Doctor of Medicine (MD), an MBA in Health Care Management and a Masters in Epidemiology (Public Health). She has a passion for empowering people to chase their dreams, live out their life’s purpose, and impact the world.

She can be found sharing her expertise and insight on the leading authority  platforms such as Entrepreneur magazine, The Huffington Post, and, as a contributor. Dr Okoye has been featured on NBC News, Yahoo News,  The Huff Post, Reader’s Digest, and many reputable platforms. She lives in the Mid West USA.

More About Dr Okoye

Dr Okoye is an author and editor. Most recent release in June 2016 is “Living With Ghosts: The Experiences of the Twins of St. Matthew’s”, which she edited and published on behalf of her late father Prof Samuel Nnama. She has two upcoming new book releases coming out soon.

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